100g Pork greaves spread (1) 80,-
80g Duck liver pate with onion chutney and baguette (1,3,7) 110,-


0,33l Garlic soup with egg, ham, cheese and roasted bread (1,3,7) 60,-
0,33l Sour cabbage soup (1,7) 60,-

Main courses

150g Pork steak with mushroom sauce and potato dumplings filled with cheese (1,3,7) 215,-
280g Tagliatelle Carbonara with pecorino cheese (1,3,7) 170,-
800g Roasted pork knee, horseradish – mustard dip and bread (1,3,10) 270,-
150g Chicken roll with dried tomatoes and cheese, served with potato purée  (7) 185,-
200g Chicken steak with grilled vegetables and potatoes 170,-
400g Potato gnocci with sheep cheese and bacon (1,3,7) 155,-
350g Goose thigh confit with red cabbage and potato pancakes (1,3,7) 350,-
170g Pulled Pork burger with chips (1,3,7,10) 195,-
100g Fried cow udder in breadcrumb with chips (1,3) 155,-
100g Caesar salad with grilled chicken strips (1,3,4,10) 145,-
100g For children: Fried chicken steak in breadcrumb with potato purée (1,3,7) 130,-
100g For children: Pepper, filled with meat, served with rice and tomato sauce (7) 130,-


Blueberry dumpling (1,3,7) 55,-
Homemade honey cake (1,3,7) 60,-
Listed weight represents materials in raw state.
A list of allergens is available at service personnel upon request.